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Korg / NTS-2

NTS-2 Oscilloscope " build-your-own kit " with included Book "Patch & Tweak with KORG” ( estimated availability late February )

Extremely versatile build-it-yourself studio toolThe assembly is done in a few minutes, without the slightest knowledge of welding4-channel oscilloscope…
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Vacuum tube Bass Synth Machine

Vacuum tube oscillator (VTO) with two waveforms- Sub oscillator with saturation- Voltage controlled filter with cutoff and peak control- Attack/decay…
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Volca Mixer

The analog performance mixer that completes your volca set-up<br /> Compact, multi-functional, four-channel mixer (2 mono.1 stereo), DC output…
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Roland / T-8

AIRA Compact Beat Machine

Create irresistible beats in seconds with this miniature factory containing cult TR drum and bass sounds from the inimitable TB-303. Have real fun…
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Roland / J-6

AIRA Compact Chord Synthesizer

With its 100 chord sets in many genres, you will always find new ideas for your compositions and improvisations in the J-6.You don't need any knowledge…
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Roland / S-1

AIRA Compact Tweak Synthesizer

Enter a new world of sound with the S-1 Tweak Synth: a powerful polyphonic mini synth - with powerful sequences - inspired by Roland's legendary…
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