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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-800

2-channel portable DJ controller for rekordbox dj ( available tba )

Features:Compact and Light and 22% smaller in volume than the DDJ-1000 and 1.3kg On-Jog Display: This controller has the really nice on-jog displays…
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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-1000

4-channel DJ controller

Club-style interface for intuitiveperformances in a compact, portable bodyClub-style layoutPortable bodyColour On Jog Display14 Beat FXImproved MAGVEL…
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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-FLX6

4-channel DJ controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

All-new Merge FX.Jog Cutter.Full-size jog wheel with track position display.Sample scratch.Plug and play compatibility with Rekordbox and Serato…
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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-1000SRT

4-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Pro

Features:The 4-channel DDJ-1000SRT inherits the layout of the DDJ-1000, which feels familiar to a CDJ+DJM club-standard set-up. All the same professional…
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Pioneer DJ / XDJ-XZ

All in One Professional DJ System ( available tba )

The XDJ-XZ 4-channel system is a professional all-in-one DJ system that’s perfect for events, a bar or club, or your private studio. Animate…
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Pioneer DJ / XDJ-RR

All in One Professional DJ System for rekordbox

Take your performances to the next level with the XDJ-RR all-in-one DJ system for rekordbox. This 2-channel DJ solution inherits design traits and…
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