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Shure / SUPER55

Shure Super 55 Deluxe Supercardioid ® Vocal Microphone (Elvis style)

FeaturesIconic chrome-plated design with vibrant blue color additionsTailored frequency response for natural vocals and speechHigh gain-before-feedback…
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Shure / SRH240A

SRH-240A recording & live headphone

Transducer Type: Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet- Driver size: 40 mm- Sensitivity : 107 dB SPL/mW- Impedance: 38 Ω- Max. input power: 500 mW- Frequency…
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Shure / SRH940-E

SRH-940E Professional Reference Headphone

Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW- lmpedance: 42 Ω- Frequency Range: 5 Hz - 30 kHz- Weight: 11 oz (320 g)- Cable LengthCoiled: 9.84 ft (3 meters), detachableStraight:…
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Shure / BLX14E-S8

UHF Wireless-System for Guitarists

PG Wireless is the entry into Shure radio technologyUp to 12 compatible systems are available per frequency bandRegistration free in the 823-832…
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Shure / 565SD

UNISPHERE Dynamic 565SD Classic Vocal Microphone

Features:Tailored for live vocals and speechWarmer, richer sound than the SM58Built in wind/pop filter for vocal claritySelectable dual-impedance…
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Shure / BLX14E/MX53-S8

Wireless Presenter System with MX153 Subminiature Earset Microphone

The compact MX153 earpiece microphone has been optimized for high speech intelligibility, making it ideal for presentations and lectures. The analog…
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