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Korg / GA50

Chromatic Tuner

The GA-50 is the standard tuner that KORG recommends for guitarists and bassists. The display shows the note in a large format and is uniquely easy…
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Korg / AW-LT100V

Clip-on Tuner for Violin/Viola

Long battery life; a single AAA battery provides 100 hours of operation.Even lighter in weight, in spite of using a AAA battery.Bright color LCD…
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Korg / KRXE20SP

Digital Arranger Piano, 88 key, incl. Stand + 3-pedal unit ( standard price 899.- )

Digital piano with automatic accompanimentfor beginners and experienced musiciansExcellent 88-key hammer mechanism keyboardTwo exceptional grand…
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Digital FM Synthesizer 2nd Generation

FM Synthesizer with 6 operators Polyphony: 6 voices 32 classical algorithms 16 step sequencer with motion sequencing 2 effects usable simultaneously…
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Korg / RK100S2-TRD

Digital Keytar Keyboard 37 keys with shoulder strap - Translucent Red ( available on request )

Compact Keytar with well thought-out play functions37 mini-keysGenerator of synthesizer sounds2 ribbon controllers200 pre-programmed sounds8 Favorite…
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Digital Percussion Synthesizer

Joining volca kick and beats as the third, and most unique, drum synth in the volca lineup.Digital percussion synth with a 6-part x 2-layer structure.Distinctive…
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