Electro-harmonix / 720STEREOLOOPER

720 Stereo Looper Recording Looper Pedal

With 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo recording time on 10 independent loops and unlimited overdubbing, the compact 720 Stereo Looper provides…
Electro-harmonix / 95000-LOOPER

95000 Performance 6-Track Loop Laboratory

Features:-Import / export .WAV files to MAC or PC via the built-in USB port-TAP Button allows you to set loop BPM-Quantize or non-quantize (free…
Electro-harmonix / KNOCKOUT

Attack Equalizer Reissue

True bypassTough and compact die-cast chassis9-volt battery includedOptional Power supply available
Electro-harmonix / BASSCLONE

Bass Clone Chorus Pedal

Compact chorus based on the legendary Small Clone with added features for bass- Provides precise sound shaping control for a tight, focused sound…
Electro-harmonix / BASS MONO SYN

Bass Monophonic Synthesizer, 9.6DC-200 PSU included

Features:- Features eleven great sounding, mono synth sounds- Easy to use controls let you dial in the sound you want quickly- EXP pedal input for…
Electro-harmonix / US BM

Big Muff PI (Classic) Distortion/Sustainer

The NYC original. The USA Big Muff Pi is the distortion that Hendrix and Santana, up to the top contemporary guitarists and rock legends, rely on…
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