Adams / 4MTST

Accessories / Mallet Table for Percussionists

The Adams stick /trap table is of a sturdy, yet light construction. Made from metal it is more robust than most wooden trays. The tray itself is…
Adams / 4MLTASSP

Adams Smart Pack "multifunctional mallet bag"

The Adams Smart Pack is a modern, multifunctional, and everyday mallet bag. Designed to carry an amount of mallets for daily use as well as additional…
Adams / 4MLBD2

Concert Bassdrum Mallets Birch BD2 (1pair)

Features: * mallet for Concert Bassdrum * birch shaft
Adams / 2MBC2APV43

Concert Marimba MCPV43, 4 1/3 Octave A2-C7, Padouk 67-40mm

Range: 41/3 oct. A2-C7Bars: Padouk 67-40 mmPitch A: 442 Hz.Frame: VoyagerLength: 207 cmLow end: 90 cmHigh end: 40 cmHeight adjustment: 85-105 cm
Adams / 4MLGB1

Glockenspiel Mallets Birch GB1 (hard)

Features: * mallet for Glockenspiel * head: wood * birch shaft
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